About Us

Company History

Singh Brothers Realty was founded in 2020 and since its formation, it has proven to establish its name as one of the most customer centric real estate organizations in Ontario. Its formation came into existence with a collective experience of almost 30 years of like-minded realtors who were already very successful in the real estate world. Since then, the organization has grown constantly by adding sharp and service focused professionals to our team.


We serve all our clients all over Ontario and all have professionals’ affiliations in British Columbia & Alberta. We pride ourselves dealing in Re-sale, Pre-construction & Commercial properties and also assist with extending our services in Property Management, Construction & Land Development.


We are proud of our company’s many accomplishments and our clients appreciate the fact that we have helped numerous families realize their real estate dreams and develop real estate portfolios across every sector. This not only motivates us but keeps us on the right path of continuing to serve our clients with the highest levels of service.


Our mission as an organization is to help clients build generational wealth by developing real estate portfolios across all verticals in the industry. In order to achieve our mission, we assist our clients in making BEST decisions by providing relevant knowledge, collaboration, professionalism and memorable experience.


We envision ourselves being one of the top recognized brands for our reliability, honesty and innovativeness not only in the real estate markets we work in but across the country.

In order to follow our mission or fulfill our vision, we incorporate the following core values with our daily activities.

Our Core Values

  • Customers Always First
  • Deliver Excellence
  • Bring Positivity In Everything You Do
  • Work Hard & Work Smart
  • Be A Team Player – Collective Efforts Always Produce Better Results

Our Core Focus

  • Help Families Not Only Buy Homes But Build Generational Wealth By Building Real Estate
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